We translate in more than 50 languages, so that all language pairs are included in our services. In fact, sometimes we ask help from our mother-tongue English linguists standing by to work on your target language; however no extra charge is imposed on you, although the delivery time might be prolonged.

Be sure, we often deliver it earlier than established delivery time. We know as much as quality is important in translation services, the speed has also a great importance. Only in a few minor cases, it may be prolonged as one third of the established delivery time. Note that all established delivery time exclude weekends & holidays.

Both services are guaranteed in terms of quality and integrity but when your order will represent you to the outside world we would suggest a Premium Service. Because in this service our linguist will first transfer your order sense into the target language, and then focuses on adjusting your particular style, verifying specialist vocabulary and checking for total coherency. However, in Standard service we just focus on the speed and desirable quality what help you to understand what your order means.

We translate all types of documents, ranging from all legal, official documents to technical, scientific or medical documents. Thanks to have a massive pool of more than 1500 registered professional translators who turn the original into his/her mother tongue language and thoroughly proofread it before deliver the work to a Project Manager for final quality check and approval.

DDue to our selective approach to accept translators, we surely know that our work is profitable and can definitely obtain your satisfaction but as human is fallible; we guarantee your money back for 48 hours, after delivery (i.e. 2 work days). But since there are words in some languages that comes to translations in different ways and sense, linguists can claim that there is a disagreement in taste and style. While sometimes there’s no word-for-word equivalent. Note that only just in this special case and on the condition that your claim is approved by our department in terms of an obvious mistake, your money would be reimbursed.

We select less than 10% of the translators that apply. Each translator has successfully passed an exam. They have been tested in their specific language pair, through multiple quizzes. All our translators are trained, experienced and reliable who have worked as a professional translator in their mother-tongue language for over 5 years.
It’s a piece of cake! Just need to select your source language, target language, and field; upload the source file, click on Calculate, and then the delivery time including the price is calculated; select one of them finally submit it. We instantly receive your order, and you can find your order details in our approval email. You can track your order by the Project Number mentioned in your email. If you cannot upload your file, send it (or link online) by email or chat with us, then we reply you in a short time.

You can cancel your order if the translation has not yet been started. Its only requirement is to inform your project manager by email and receiving a confirmation email. We are always happy to assist you. But in the event that a client cancels an order, all work already effected shall be billed at 100%, while work which is suspended shall be billed at 50%.

Sometimes our linguists encounter problems either due to the quality of the handwritten elements or the quality of the image/scan, your audio or visual files. This is why we propose our customers to first order type or transcript their order to provide as high quality as possible. In the event of late delivery where the time late is more than one third of the established delivery time, and in the event that the delay is directly and solely attributable to WorldLangs, a reimbursement shall be paid, to be established between the parties, up to an amount of 100% of the job delivered late.

We first give you an example; then if you approved the quality, we will divide it into equal sections by agreement after signing an online contract with us. Afterwards it would be delivered to you based on contract conditions. Note that all dubbing orders are considered as high volume order.

We calculate it respectively for text translation services and multimedia services based on per word and minute. For dubbing service, we should first assess your order in terms of the number of speakers required, its genre and its application; then we give you a quote.

You can email it directly for us, we will shortly review it and then give you a quote.

Calculate discount and delivery time
    Regular time Fast time
    1 - 1500
    0.5 - 2 days
    Max 1 day
    1500 - 4000
    3 - 5 days
    Max 3 days
    4000 - 8000
    6 - 9 days
    Max 6 days
    Up 8000
    1000 words daily
    1500 words daily
    * you can use our 7/24 support online service
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